Phone Chat Operator Handbook 1

Phone Sex Operator  Handbook 1
Referral Staffing Management
                                 Name:Rose D.
Phone:  336 298 2093
Recruiter :  Rose & Wes


Welcome . This is your handbook for the Telephone Actress position.  Included is all information you need on how to perform your job. Once you have been given an ext id you will receive training tips that might be useful for you.  If at any time you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me at (Or if you need us to call you ) about the job or call 336 670 3728( IM )


* After you have read the info please apply by email ,or 336 670 3728 or click the link .
,OR Click to EMAIL ALL INFO Contact Us :)

*After you apply someone will be in contact with you in a timely fashion.
*You must be ready to start working with in 48hrs of receiving your ext id # .
*After you apply & the ext id has been given you will receive a packet from the  USA Chatlines by email . You will need to print the contract out and return to the office with USA Chatline. This packet will only be sent by email to the address provided when you apply for your extension. If you change or have problems with your email address you need to notify your manager so that the packet can be sent to the correct address.

POSITION REQUIREMENTS · You must be over 18.
· You must reside in the United States. (Not open to residents of California, New York, Alaska, or Hawaii.)
.You must have a regular land based line already installed
· You must have a regular corded phone.
· You must be work on a weekly basis to remain active. .
· You must be able to take at least 40 calls per week to get the higher pay scale.
· You must understand all system procedures and rules.
. You must have a quiet area when working .
. You must have an easy to understand voice.
. You must be ok with chit chat talk with male callers & talk in a flirty sexual matter.

Job Details

You will be answering calls for our phone sex chat lines. You will log in to our system through a toll free number. Calls will then be routed to your home phone through our central computer. The callers will never have your information and do not know where you are or what your phone number is. You are not required to do any advertising or trolling for your customers. You do not have to have a 2nd phone or get your own 800 line nor  are there any charges put on your phone bill. There are no fees, no deposits  at any time. You will be placed as an independent contractor with USA Chatlines ( Your Management Company )

We are only looking for serious applicants who intend to work . ( THIS IS A REAL WORK FROM HOME JOB ) There is no fees , no deposit. If you are serious about working,  making money & like to flirt & talk in a sexual way  then this the job for you. APPLY TODAY .
Logging On/ Logging Off    

Dial 1-800-____________.  then listen to computer prompt enter 4 digit Ext ID Number you were issued ,then enter your PIN # ( which is the last 4 digits of the phone number you will be working from . Listen to prompts you will then be connected to work .

Once you log in hang up your phone and wait for it to ring. When your phone rings answer on the first ring. You will hear a whisper message. Sometimes the message will let you know what fantasy the caller is requesting. All of the calls are hardcore. Anything goes on these calls. There are no restrictions.

After you hear the prompt when answering on the 1st ring you MUST PRESS the number 1 to accept the call. Remember your talk time does not start until you press 1. ( say hi or hey don't say hello) ( Use a realistic sounding name ) At the end of the call press the * key on your phone twice, then hang up. Your next call will come in. If you don't press the * key twice you might not be disconnected from the system properly and could result in your missing calls and being logged off.

Logging Off
Call the dispatch center again at the 800# enter your EXT ID # an pin follow the prompts to log out. Hang up your phone and you will not receive any more calls until you log in again. You may log in & out anytime day or night .

Please do not take personal calls while logged on.

Recieveing a call :
When a call comes in, press 1 to accept the call.  You must answer on the first or 2nd ring.  Press ** (star twice) to disconnect the call when the call is done. This will free the line for another call then answer the same again.

You will hear "whisper messages" at times telling you what the call should be about.  A lot of them are self explanatory.

When ready to log off :
You will call the same 800# enter your staff ID # an pin follow the prompts to log out. Hang up your phone and you will not receive any more calls until you log in again. You may log in & out anytime day or night .

When on a call with a customer you can give a false name .They will NEVER know who you are or anything .Calls are re-routed from the network to you. The callers can NOT trace you ect... You may log on anytime 24/7

Rules Of The System
· Always answer your phone on the first ring ,listen to the prompt ,press 1.If you take too long the caller will hang up and you will connect to an empty line. If it's busy and you need a break, log out for a little while.

· Always work at least 1 hour each time you log in. We recommend working three to four hour shifts.

You must work on a weekly basis with getting time in.

· Do an age check on any caller that sounds young. Ask how old they are, if they sound young ask for their date of birth, if you are still unsure, ask what year they graduated in. If at any time you feel the caller is under age, disconnect the call. Any IC that is caught talking to a minor will be logged off the system and may lose their extension. We are not allowed to talk to minors under any circumstances. (( IF SOUNDS OF AGE GO AHEAD WITH THE CALL ))

· Never ask for or give out any personal information. You may not ask a caller where he works, where he lives, if he's married or has kids, or his email address or telephone number. Never ask anything that can be construed as trying to get information to contact the caller outside of the system. You are allowed to only give your extension/agent id number so that you can receive callbacks.

· If you get a caller that is looking for a specific girl and you receive the call just tell him that she is not there right now but asked you to take care of any special customers that called while she was away.

· Try to work specific shifts if possible, or have a set time a couple of days a week where your repeat callers can reach you so that their call does not get sent to another girl. (( GIVE OUT YOUR EXT ID ANYTIME ))

· You are an independent contractor, not an employee. No taxes are taken out of your checks, you are not required to work any set schedule, and your contract may be terminated at any time by either party.

.You must work on a weekly basis with getting time in.<

· All questions concerning payroll must be directed to USA Chatlines When contacting the office, give your extension/agent id number, your name, and the date you started. Also specify whether the office has received your contract .

· Money issued to you will not be sent out until the office has received your paperwork. Make sure this is in before you inquire as to the status of your money owed. Your paperwork must be in by your first Friday to be receive a check your second Friday.

· Checks under $25.00 will not be sent out, but rolled over to the next pay period til forms do get in office then pay released out.

· You must work on a weekly basis with getting time in.If you don't, you may lose your ext id to work unless you let Chat USA know why you cant that week.

· You must take a minimum of 40 calls per week to qualify for the higher pay scale. The easiest way to do this is make a schedule for yourself to split up how many calls you would need to take per shift, and what average you need to hold to qualify for the pay you are wanting to receive.

· Never take personal calls while logged in the system working.

· Never use a cordless phone, cell phone, on the line you are using. This will result in missed calls, and you will be logged off the system and in some cases lose your extension.

All calls count towards your average . Callers do not have to stay on the line with you. They can connect with another IC at any time they wish. It's your job to make sure they don't want to.

· Your personal information is never given to any callers. The calls are routed through the system so they never know your phone number, where you are, or who you are. Make up a character that you play when you are logged in.

· To figure out your weekly average, add up your total minutes during calls and divide by the amount of calls you took during the week. This will let you know where you fall on the pay schedule.

· Keep a log sheet of all callers and keep track of your total minutes and average as you go along.( ( DAILY Avg just figure how many mins from calls , # of callers you had ,divide mins by # of callers . A daily talk avg is figured for the times of 12am eastern - 11:59pm est anything after that time counts toward the next days talk average.))

· To check stats : ( After an ext id has been given to you by Chat USA then you can check online with mins.All mins worked show up the next following days date.

· Don't get discouraged. Calls are routed on a first come, first serve basis. If you log in and there are three girls ahead of you on the board the first three calls will go to them in order, the next call will be yours. If you find it's slow when you log in, try logging in during a different time of day/night or do something else with the time you have in between calls so you're not watching and waiting for the phone to ring.

·. Calls are routed by the computer automatically. The dispatchers have no control over what type of call you get, the call length, or how many calls you get. If you find you are receiving multiple short calls in a row, you may call dispatch back and ask them to change your place in the rotation.

· Try to never to end your day with a really low average ( TAKE A BREAK )then log back wih in that same days date to pick up talk average. Anyone who runs under a 6 average is in danger of losing their extension. When you are rested & feel good people can tell it in your voice.

· Girls who run a really low average or have not logged in for an extended amount of time will be removed from the system.

· Notify management ( USA Chatlines any changes in your contact information.

.If the (YOU ) operator does not receive a call within 30 minutes, the operator should call back to the  network( just to check if you got logged in correctly)


You are paid by the company that you contract with ( USA Chatlines ) not PSO Staffing.

The work week runs from Monday to Sunday night at midnight EST time.

Checks are mailed out on Friday or direct deposited if you have signed up for it

You are an independent contractor. No taxes will be taken out of your invoice.

Invoices for less than $25.00 are rolled over to the next pay period.

You must have your completed paperwork into the office before any invoice is paid.

You are paid for your actual talk time only not the time you are logged in waiting for a call. Your time starts when you press 1 to connect to the caller and ends when you press the star key twice.

Your compensation is based on how many calls you've taken during the week and what your weekly hold time average is. You weekly hold time average is the average amount of time you've spent with each caller during the week.

Pay Scale
Over 40 calls per week with a weekly average of 9.99 = .40 cents per minute talk time.
Over 40 calls per week with a weekly average of 8.99 = .30 cents per minute talk time.
Over 40 calls per week with a weekly average of 7.99 = .17 cents per minute talk time.
Under 40 calls per week = .10 cents per minute talk time.Under 6.00 weekly average = .07 cents per minute talk time, and risk of losing extension.

You are paid for your actual talk time only not the time you are logged in waiting for a call. The office pays by talk time minute only. The way we calculate your talk time is we add up the total number of minutes you have worked for the payroll period and divide it by the number of calls you took. this will give us the average you have talked on each call. The higher your talk time average the higher your pay. Your time starts when you press 1 on your phone to connect to the caller and ends when the caller hangs up & you press the star key twice. Please keep a log sheet and keep track of your average. If your average is under six minutes you will be in danger of losing your extension.The payroll period runs from Monday to Sunday. The checks are sent out the following Friday by mail or direct deposit if you have signed you for it.

To figure your average, add up the total number of minutes you've worked and divide by the number of calls you have taken. Then look on the pay scale to see where you fall and multiply your total minutes by the per minute pay rate.

PLEASE Click the link to apply or call Rose @ 336 670 3728 ,OR Click to EMAIL ALL INFO Contact Us :)






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